No Medals For Country, Will Land Them In Severe Punishment!!


Rio Olympic is the most discussed sports of these days, now after completion as well it is still hitting headlines with different topics in all over the world. Now once again the same sports event is back with news with North Korean athletes who literally failed to achieve medals in 2016.

Do you know they have severe punishments for those who lost in Rio Olympics? This is proposed by their President Kim Jong-un whoever didn’t get medal for their country, will be punished in his own style by ill-treating them without proper house, food and even they will send them for coal mines to work as part of punishment.

Athletes who achieved medals will be rewarded with lavish house, cars and many more gifts from the government with awesome treatment for them all over their country. In Rio Olympics 2016 they achieved 7 medals. But still their dictator isn’t happy with whom they didn’t perform well for their country, so surely the punishment levels will be high for losers.

Isn’t heights of Dictatorship??

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